NFL Lockout = Countless Blown Minds

With the NBA steadily coming to a close sports fans around the world slowly start shifting their interest away from the NBA finals, to the NFL off-season. Around this time blockbuster trades have been made, big name free agents are heavy into the real-estate market and small name small school guys have made an impact at their respective camps. This year, however, an estimated 90 million fans have experience empty practice fields coupled with the most stagnant off-season since the NFL’s previous lockout in 1987.

The main dispute over the newly proposed bargaining agreement centers around the amount of money that the owners want to take as “credit” from the revenue pool. In the previous agreement, the owners took $1 billion from the pool of approximately $9 billion, but now they are trying to increase that number to $2.4 billion, citing “the economic realities of the era” as reasoning. -____- I call it what it looks like, greed!

NFL Commish'

Now, if you’re a real fan, aka fiend, like myself you have already resorted to crackhead-like activities just to curb the football cravings. These activity’s usually include spending countless hours on YouTube watching your favorite team’s highlights, game tape and player interviews, and if that’s not enough you even follow your favorite player via twitter. While these options seem to hold me at bay for the moment there’s no substitute for the sound of pad and helmets clashing or seeing your favorite collegiate player rise up the depth chart throughout the numerous off-season camps.

I hope the players and the owners can come to a resolution quickly, I’m almost done loading up the clip and if I have to suffer through a summer filled with baseball highlights I just might have to off myself, figuratively speaking of course.