Introduction To Myself

I am just different. I could stop right there and it would more than suffice, but I’m human, forever growing, forever changing. Throughout the years many have branded me but, no one really knows me. I’m a loner and definitely comfortable living within my own thoughts. Once in a while I may loosen up and Go-In but that consistent party life isn’t for me. Yea I use to try to keep up with the crowd but, as I got older distinguishing what matters from what doesn’t became easier for me.

Now if you’re trying to categorize me I can help you out a bit, lets see, I like Nascar and reading, messing with computers and working on cars, football is my favorite sport and I have and unhealthy obsession with nature. When it comes to music you can sum me up in one word, Assorted. Right now on my iTunes, Drake has the most plays followed by Lupe, Quest, Camron, John Mayer, Lauryn Hill, Coldplay, Childish Gambino, Kanye, J.Cole and Vado.

So who am I? What category would you put me in? Honestly, I don’t even know who I am, if I could promptly give my life a facebook status it would read, “In Repair”. In repair from all the bullshit and misleading information I was thought in school, and in repair from all the mind pollution given to me via television and media. I could go on a thousand times on that topic but na, this is about me.

I had a cultured upbringing by stern traditional parents, both of Panamanian decent. A brother that I look up to as a father figure and a sister so distant I have trouble comprehending the abundance of love she shows me when see each other.

A few years ago I made a conscious effort to chase 4 things in life, 3 of which I’m still actively perusing. They are Truth, Knowledge, and Wealth. The last is Love but 3 months ago a girl came into my life and slowed my pace, she eventually brought my chase to an end. Oh, how can I forget about my Bro’s-from other-Hoe’s (they’re gonna kill me when they see that) Kenny and Stefan. I love these two dudes like family, through all the changes in my life those two have remained concordant , you have to appreciate that.

As this blog matures and my ability to convey my thoughts expands, I hope that you can better understand the person behind these words.

……..Wassup, my name is Jabbar
I don’t believe we’ve met……..