Top 10 Lupe Fiasco Collabos You Haven’t Heard (Yet)

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If you’re a long time Lupe fan then you’ll know about a lot of projects / collabos that are mentioned, announced or rumored in which Lupe is, or was supposed to be a part of.

If you’re a new Lupe fan then you might not know about them, if that’s the case this list will be pretty interesting for you to read. You’ll find out about some projects that were rumored to have been done but never hit the streets, others you will be able to experience.

Check out a list of 10 Lupe Fiasco collabos that were announced or speculated but didn’t happen yet or haven’t been released.

Parties involved: The Knux x Lupe x Curren$y
Project(s): Fire Remix, untitled album track

Back in May of 2009 The Knux announced that they’d do a remix of their track “Fire”which would feature Lupe and Curren$y. At that point they weren’t entirely sure if they’d get Lupe’s part cleared though. A little while later when asked about it again they said that the track was never released due to label politics.

In August of the same year they were interviewed by Semtex and stated that they’d have Lupe on their upcoming album. As we all know…until today both of these tracks have never been released and it’s even doubtful if they were actually ever recorded. Maybe one day we’ll get to hear them…if not, The Knux must have been bullshitting us.


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