Time Flies with Breitling

The history of the legendary Breitling watch manufacture started in 1884. Since the very beginning of its activity Breitling paid special attention to the chronographs’ production.

The son of the company’s founder took over his father’s business and was very successful and inventive. Later the company began its collaboration with the British Ministry of Aviation. It created chronographs to be used during flights. The company elaborated its most famous watch models Chronomat and Navitimer that are produced till the present day.

In 1979, following a serious crisis, the Breitling Company was sold to a very gifted watchmaker Ernest Schneider. The new s owner of the company managed to revive the watch manufacture in several years. He bound together the manufacture’s old experience in chronographs’ creation and his own knowledge and professionalism in the sphere of time measuring. That was the way how Breitling found its own niche among premium wristwatch brands and became really successful as the producer of outstanding timekeepers for pilots.

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