Lupe Fiasco On The O’Reilly Factor

Courtesy of: RAJ & The Smoking Section

Somewhere in Bill O’Reilly’s diary there’s a passage that looks something like “Democrats > rap artists (but just by a hair).” Until today, I had never heard Bill praise or even say anything that could be misconstrued as being vaguely positive about a Dem, much less President Barack Obama. But, I guess he’ll go to any and all lengths possible to discredit the outspoken Lupester, even if it means commending the President.

It’s beyond me why anybody would accept an invitation to The O’Reilly Factor when every element of the show is streamlined to allow Billy to swiftly bully his opposition into submission. He incessantly interrupts anyone trying to make a point and, as Wasalu suggested via Twitter, there’s also a significant amount of editing done prior to airing pulling the angles his favor.

Lupe does what few have done before by giving O’Reilly a taste of his own medicine and pulling off his rendition of “Wait, Immah let you finish but…” several times to make sure his point of view was explicitly heard. Not an easy task as the away player when the home team has such a decided advantage.