Leica M9-P | New Addition To The M9 Digital Camera Line

Courtesy of: Poe and Freshness Mag
The upgrades are so subtle that they are easily overlook. But the Leica M9-P, the newest addition to the Leica M9 digital camera line, was meant to be just that, an alternative aimed at professional shooters. With the same 18-megapixel CCD image sensor, the Leica M9-P is able to capture an image in full-frame format with ease. And since it shared the same functionality as the M9, its operation is intuitive as well. So what changed? Though unnoticeable, the M9-P is quipped with a sapphire glass LCD cover, the same found on Leica M8.2. One of hardest substance known in the world, the sapphire glass is resistant to scratch, wear, even breakage. With dual anti-reflective coatings front and back, photographers can review their images even in low-light conditions. Covered with vulcanite leatherette in a coarselytextured finish, the removal of any branding, particularly the red Leica dot, means photographer can capture the moments in discreet. The Leica M9-P, the newest full-frame digital camera to the M9 line, will be available soon at Leica dealers around the world.

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