Poetry – “That Girl” by Jabbar Avila aka *CityLife*

Woke up with a faint dream still lingering

Bed wet with these cold sweats I been swimming in

Visions of her skin has me trembling

As I situp and reminisce about the fragrance she was enveloped in

Opened my eyes and I tried to shut em back again

But I realized it’s fallacy’s and she’s not coming back again

That girl, that girl …… was my mind playing tricks

Or was my subconscious showing me a future that I’ll live

If there’s a small chance I’ll take it, into reality I’ll make it

If a flights required I’ll pull my magic lamp out and shake it

Ask the genie for one wish……….

Transform that girl from a fallacy into reality

Another night without her would eventually end up collapsing me

What manifested was the opposite of a calamity

Magic carpet ride to her front steps so she could meet her majesty

That girl, that girl …… my mama wasn’t playing

She told me if I ever met her I’ll retire out the game

Put away my trophy’s remove the records from my name

She even said I’ll reconsider induction into the Hall-of-Fame

And it came so quickly, swiftly, I wasn’t prepared for it

Trying to come up with lines, wait for it………….wait for it…………..

But nothing, so i had to take the old school route

Speaking directly from the heart I hope she hears it shout

“I knew you were the girl of my dreams from the first time i saw you, wouldn’t believe what i went through

to probably come and bore you, standing there in that perfect dress give me some time to absorb you,

matter fact lets hit the city I’ll promise to keep it cordial”

That girl, that girl …… this was the beginning of the end

Alarm clock buzzin bringing this dream to an end….. damn