Redshirt’d Talent – FreshBozz

Name: FreshBozz      Hometown: Bronx, NY

Position: Rapper              Experience: N/A

Skill Set: Artistic, Funny, Real

Relationships in modern times aren’t as easy as they used to be. We can agree that getting cheated on sucks, and TRYING to cheat is just as stressful. The story line tries to capture the complexity of all of this in FreshBozz’s newest single “Love So Real”

Rapper FreshBozz releases his newest single, “Love So Real” which is available on iTunes and will be on his upcoming mixtape “HighSociety”.
The Bronx, NY artist was inspired by the complex nature of relationships we’ve all had at some point in our lives.
The “Love So Real” video, which was directed by Jaison Williams, illustrates how a man tries to juggle two girls at the same time.

A great chorus and smooth delivery gives the song much appeal.Since the video’s released on August 3, 2011 via YouTube, it has received great reviews and has proven to be a very enjoyable song. Whether you’re having a relationship issue, or are just in love, “Love So Real” is the tune for the mood.


HighSociety (2011)

Coming Soon… (will be available on iTunes)


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