Redshirt’d Talent – Ju’mar


Name: Ju’mar


Hometown: Long Island, New York


Position: Producer


Experience: 10 plus years

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 Joshua Mason, better known by his  stage name  “Ju’mar”. Music for him started as an adolescence. His first instrument that he grasp to was the drums. After mastering and getting bored with the drums he challenged him-self to make great beats like the greats. Being inspired by some of the best out there; Just Blaze, DJ Premier (primo),Dr Dre, Neptunes,and DJ Khaled.  Ju’mar has always had an ear for music. Coming from a big family whom are all musically inclined in their own ways. Jumar enrolled and graduated from  Full Sail University for music Business and Entertainment law.

” I see sounds. I’ll watch a movie, play
a video game, go to the park, or watch TV. Afterwards I lay down my own interpretation
of what I see via music. I could tell you more about myself but I’ll let my music do the

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