Redshirt’d Talent: EHaze

Name: EHaze        Hometown: Queens, NY

Position: Rapper/Singer

Experience: N/A          Skills: Flow, Delivery, Lyrics





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EHaze was born in Queens, NY September 14th 1988. Raised in the streets of Brooklyn where he obtained his outlook on life, he composes his life into a raw yet mellow hip hop compilation. He (Haze) thrives on his fans motivation, not approval, and continues to make the style of music he and his fans have learned to love. In time after listening to his catchy phrases and smooth calm demeanor flow, hopefully you too will enjoy his material as much as his fans.

Personal Note

I had a chance to meet EHaze earlier in the year, when I heard he made music I was excited to hear what he had to offer. Usually when I hear sounds from underground artist trying to make it I leave the session less than satisfied. So there we were, a bottle of Ciroc, instrumentals, and the Brooklyn skyline viewed from a sky rise view. EHaze began to spit rhymes that resembled poetry and instantly I realized the potential he possessed. As the night progressed he dug deeper into his rhyme book, we even started a cypher session which I failed at miserably. That night I found some hope for New York Hip-Hop.


For more information on EHaze, or to listen to more tracks visit:


Twitter: @3ricHaze