Redshirt’d Talent: Rob Atchison

Name: Rob Atchison                Hometown: Fresno, Ca

Position: Poet

                              Exp: Since Adolescent             Skills: Flow, Delivery

Spoken Word


Robert Atchison is a spoken word poet with a very unique style. He originally started writing as a way of escape during turbulent times in his youth. Over the years he realized that he had a unique gift and began perfecting his craft. His poems range from social issues, love, depression, death, and break ups just to name a few. He has been esteemed as one who has a grasp on reality and words it be…autifully. He prides himself on giving a voice to those who want to speak up, but may not know what to say. He has a way of engaging his audience into every piece he recites. And he has been quoted saying, “Spoken word is like a Play that last only minutes, but has an effect that last long after the piece is finished.” Robert likes being a poet because it gives him the ability to say whats on his mind and his heart without being judged. He believes words have power and in the right mouth they can do great things! Robert has been featured on numerous blog sites, entertainment sites, radio stations, tv, and is slowly becoming a Youtube Phenomenon. When Robert isn’t writing poetry he also enjoys writing songs, raps, and plans to one day write novels and scripts. He is a native of Fresno, Ca where he currently resides as a proud husband, father and student entering in into his last year of acquiring his Bachelors Degree in Business Management.

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1.       Are there any poets that you look up to or have admiration for?

There are a few poets and poets/rappers that I admire. I like Wale as a rapper, but he’s a pretty dope poet as well. I think Amir Sulaiman is dope. The way he delivers his pieces and the power in his word choice is amazing. I’d also say Common, Kanye, Tupac who was a poet who happened to Rap, Black Ice, Poetri, and various others.


2. Briefly take me thru your process of writing a poem.

My process of writing is kinda random. A lot of my pieces are birthed out of real life issues, problems, events, etc. So every now and then something will weigh on my heart so heavily that I’d feel compelled to write about it. Other times inspiration will come while watching a movie, listening to a song, observing social issues, or by just imagining how I’d feel in a specific situation and writing about it.


 3. Name the poem you are most proud of writing, the one that you personally cannot forget?

The poem that I can’t forget would have to be “2 Fingerz, 1 Luv and a thousand Goodbyes.” This poem in my opinion was one of the realest pieces I have written. It was written in dedication to 2 friends of mine that were killed in an automotive accident. I remember being at work and getting the phone call about what had happened to them. I remember crying in the break room and being unable to go back to work. So my boss sent me home and gave me a few days off to recover. When I got home I sat around thinking, contemplating, reflecting, and trying to take in all that happened. I grabbed a notebook and a pen and began to write. I wrote in a way that if you didn’t know them it didn’t matter you still felt pain, hurt, sad, angry, and ultimately comforted by hearing their story.



4.  Do you have one poem that you almost did not post due to it being so very personal? Did you post it after all? If so, please tell us about it.

Yeah I’d have to say that would also be “2 Fingers, 1 Luv, and a thousand Goodbyes.” I didn’t know how people would respond to it. And honestly I almost took it down the 1st week I had it up due to the comments it was receiving. Now the comments it was receiving weren’t bad they just took a while for me to get used to.  For example I would get comments like, “you are very talented”, “Whoa you’re a great writer”, “you’re cute and great poem”, etc. These comments bothered me on this particular piece because I didn’t want the attention to be on me, I wanted people to hear their story, know our hurt, and feel our pain and so on. The one thing I didn’t and don’t want it to seem like is that I’m gaining attention and success through someone else’s tragedy. So I had made up in my mind to delete it, but before I could new comments came in from people saying they had lost friends, family members, coworkers and what not. And that this was helping them get through it. People began to share their stories of who they lost, when they lost them and how they lost them. And then they began to thank me for writing this piece. I quickly changed my mind about deleting it and I’m glad that I did. Hearing the stories of those who it has helped is a very rewarding feeling.



5. Do your take your talents to small venues and perform any of your work, if so how does the crowd react to your work.

I do open mics around my city as well as headline shows locally. The crowd response is amazing. The snaps, claps, the oohs and aahs, the random things people blurt out when I say something they like it awesome.  I even like when the crowd is silent because I know the side chattered has stopped, the conversation they were having has ceased and I now have their undivided attention. Doing the YouTube videos are great, but having a live audience is an awesome experience.


 6. I see that you are active in other creative areas, you write music as well. Are you willing to share any lyrics for your fans?

I’ll share a few lines from a song called “It doesn’t just fade away”

I can tell you’re tired I can see it all over your face

And yes you’re here, but it’s clear you’re in another place

Been acting strange you don’t seem like you use to

Its tolerated change it just takes some getting used to

Cause when we kiss is like you’re somebody else

And what the point of being us if I feel like I’m by myself






Sidebar: This isn’t the last time that you see Rob on Silent Ambiance. Expect to see alot more from him in 2012 as we develop our working relationship.