(Let Your Radio Influence Creation)

Our goal is to create an online radio podcast that’s creative, influential and substantial.

We want to be informative while at the same time satisfying your music needs all in one place. World news, hiphop stories, whats new within our boarders and social affairs are just some of the topics we’ll be hitting on.

Also, for all artist with songs that want to be heard, we will be accepting and playing any submissions given to us, so send them in. In 2008 our first show received over 2,400 hits, this year we expect way more traffic, this can be great opportunity for you to be heard.

With every creative session a video will be posted updating you on the progress of the show. Continually check in with us here on silentambiance.wordpress.com to track our progress.

We are doing this for everyone out there that’s tired of the top40 status quo. This is real and authentic, radiating GOOD music through invisible sound waves hoping they keep you coming back.

You can send your mp3 files to SilentAmbiance2011@gmail.com

If you need to personally hit us up that can be done via facebook and twitter

Jabbar Avila – @CityLife_23

David Mason – @davidmase

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